Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Pictures from my "Curtain Make-Over" and my newest project, A family hanging picture that I made with the help of my kids...

I finally got the first set of my curtains finished and hung.  I love them,  I think they look so cute.  I think I did an awesome job,  considering I've never had to make my own curtains before.  It was alot easier considering I used my old curtain panels,  and just altered them a little bit.  My husband just about fell over when he came home from work and discovered me chopping away at our curtains with scissors.  I'll never forget the look that was on his face. It was hilarious! 
So here is the before and after pictures.  But I must warn you that i'm no professional at this,  and i'm sure everything is not exactly as it's supposed to be.
Just 3 more sets to go,  then i'll be finished with all my living room curtains.  Just so theres no confusion,  I thought I would explain whats on the inner part of the window.  This is not part of the curtains.  Over the bottom glass of my windows,  I designed and made a set of make-do shutter panels.  They turned out a little better than I had expected,  and they made my windows look awesome. 
A couple of days ago,  I was so bored and wanting something to do.  The kids must have been bored also and anxious to do something,  because they kept on insisting that I play monopoly with them.  Well I did say I was bored,  but monopoly was not exactly something I wanted to do.  The kids are always asking me if they can help with my craft projects,  so I thought this would be the perfect time to get them involved.  After gathering a few supplies,  then we came up with a great idea.  They wanted to make something that we could display in our home for everyone to see.  And here is what we made:
A family picture with all our names,  and a star shelf to match it.  Isn't it just so cute!

I guess I need to get on over to my selling blog,  and post my for sale items.  Don't forget to drop in on my blog,  and check out all the beautiful & prim home decor.
Have a wonderful day and God Bless:)


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