Saturday, July 30, 2011

Transforming Old Wooden Cutting Boards into Prim Candle Paddles/Sitters...

In this post I am going to share a project with my followers,  that I had a blast doing.  First of all,  I went yard saleing and found a few odds and ends.  One of the items that I found was an old stained,  beaten up wood cutting board.  I practically gave nothing for it.  I didn't have a clue what I was going to do with it,  but it was old and worn out and I just had to have it.  When I got home the hubby was telling me I brought a bunch of junk home,  and that I was a pack rat.  He really did get a kick out of me buying this scrap piece of wood,  as he called it!  Anyways,  needless to say I had to prove him wrong and make something dandy out of it.
I took some paint that I had lying around,  and made me a candle paddle out of it.  First I used a handmade stencil and a pencil to draw a star right in the center of the board.  Then I freehand drew a quilt square in each corner of the board.  I chose to make an Americana Candle Paddle,  but you can do any theme that you desire.  I then used my paints,  and painted each pencil drawn object.  I let the board dry,  then touched up any areas that needed a second coat.  After letting it dry once again,  I took the tip of a paint brush and barely dipped it into paint to make the stitching look on the quilt blocks.  Let thoroughly dry.  After completely drying,  you can now display your candle on the board.
Finished Item:
So the next time you go to throw out that old cutting board,  or see one lying around yard sales.  Just remember what you could turn that into,  with just a little bit of work and imagination! 
I might even sand this project down a bit,  to make it look even more worn.
Thanks for looking!
Goodnight & GodBless!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Busy As A Bee!

I just wanted to stop by and let my fellow followers know,  that hopefully I'll be back tomorrow with an all new exciting post.  I haven't had the time or been in the right mind in the last few days,  to post my newest projects.  My 6 yr. old baby girl got a serious bee sting just about 2 inches from her eyelid,  and is all swollen up from the reaction.  So practically every spare moment that I did have,  turned into "Double-Duty Mommy Time".  Our children is always our first priority!
So with me being the "Worry Wart",  as they call me. LOL. Even when she's sleeping and comfortable,  I cannot seem to do so myself.  So instead of acting like a crazy woman who sits and watches her sleep.  I decided to put my restless time to good use.  I've been using this time to get some new prims made.  I am going to post an awesome tutorial on recycling old cutting boards into beautiful candle paddles/sitters.  They turn out really georgeous!
Remember to come back tomorrow and check out my tutorial.
Goodnight & GodBless :)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Primitive Place~Tammy is having a great giveaway...

A Primitive Place~Tammy,  is having an awesome giveaway for a burlap flag painted pillow.  This is really an awesome piece.  Go check this out,  and see if you can win the pillow for yourself.  Just click on this link:
Check her blog out while your there.  Really good blog to read and follow if you have the same love for prims as I do.

Pictures from my "Curtain Make-Over" and my newest project, A family hanging picture that I made with the help of my kids...

I finally got the first set of my curtains finished and hung.  I love them,  I think they look so cute.  I think I did an awesome job,  considering I've never had to make my own curtains before.  It was alot easier considering I used my old curtain panels,  and just altered them a little bit.  My husband just about fell over when he came home from work and discovered me chopping away at our curtains with scissors.  I'll never forget the look that was on his face. It was hilarious! 
So here is the before and after pictures.  But I must warn you that i'm no professional at this,  and i'm sure everything is not exactly as it's supposed to be.
Just 3 more sets to go,  then i'll be finished with all my living room curtains.  Just so theres no confusion,  I thought I would explain whats on the inner part of the window.  This is not part of the curtains.  Over the bottom glass of my windows,  I designed and made a set of make-do shutter panels.  They turned out a little better than I had expected,  and they made my windows look awesome. 
A couple of days ago,  I was so bored and wanting something to do.  The kids must have been bored also and anxious to do something,  because they kept on insisting that I play monopoly with them.  Well I did say I was bored,  but monopoly was not exactly something I wanted to do.  The kids are always asking me if they can help with my craft projects,  so I thought this would be the perfect time to get them involved.  After gathering a few supplies,  then we came up with a great idea.  They wanted to make something that we could display in our home for everyone to see.  And here is what we made:
A family picture with all our names,  and a star shelf to match it.  Isn't it just so cute!

I guess I need to get on over to my selling blog,  and post my for sale items.  Don't forget to drop in on my blog,  and check out all the beautiful & prim home decor.
Have a wonderful day and God Bless:)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Blogs that I simply love to read and follow & An awesome curtain makeover!

I know that I am getting a late start tonight on posting the blogs I promised to list.  But today has been so hectic.  I just could not stand my old living room curtains anymore!  They were palm tree themed,  and I've got the whole prim thing going on in my living room.  Actually the palm trees weren't really noticeable at all,  unless you were really doing some deep down inspection of my curtains.  And the palm trees were only patterned on the topper part of the curtains.  But since I knew they were there,  and that they didn't match my decor,  then they just had to go.  They were driving me bonkers!  So I cut the topper part (the valance),  away from the panels themselves.  Then I started sewing my own designs onto the curtain panels.  I will list a before and after picture,  to see what you all think.  Just wanted to let you in on a neat "curtain re-do",  just in case you find yourself in the same situation as me.  After I had one window set finished,  I asked myself why I hadn't thought of this before.  I love my new curtains!
Now,  as for the blogs I love to read and follow:
For the love of prims....Make prim happen....A day in the life (ice house crafts)....A fine farmhouse....A primitive gathering....A primitive place~Tammy....Country Essentials....Cricket Hollow Primitives....KKL Primitives Selling Blog....MY COLONIAL HOME....primitive pond homestead....Rusty shed prims....Wood n' Whimsy....
And a whole lot more.  Just too many to mention.  Just check out all the blogs that I follow.  Goodnight,  God Bless and Happy Blogging:)

Monday, July 18, 2011

Just like a kid with a new toy.

Today kind of started off on a bad foot around here.  Here we are with a heat advisory in Kentucky,  and my air conditioner decides to rest itself for a while.  So after a few hours of been scorching hot and no sign of relief in sight,  I decided I had to do something.  A few hammer pounds and a few good smacks to the side of it,  and it decided to start back up for me.  Probably won't last too much longer,  but for now it's serving it's purpose. 
Once I had that problem fixed,  I decided to try something new.  My awesome sister-in-law loaned me her sewing machine to use for my craft projects.  I love it!  Yes,  I know it's just a sewing machine!  But I am loving learning how to use it,  and making alot of new things.  My husband says I am like a kid with a new toy.  Yet he seems happy that it's keeping me occupied and out of his hair,  and he gets alot more fishing time on his boat now.  As long as were both happy,  then I call it a good thing.
If you have been over to check out my new selling blog,  then you notice I haven't posted any pictures yet.  Well don't give up on me!  I am going to start adding stuff very soon.  I have misplaced my digital camera card,  with all the pics on it.  I have decided that if I don't find it by tomorrow,  then I will just retake the pics and add them via my usb cable. 
I have been exploring alot of new blogs here lately,  and I have to say there is some really awesome blogs out there.  It amazes me how creative some people can be.  And let's not forget all the awesome friends you make,  by sharing the same interests.  Check back here on my blog tomorrow,  and I will list a few of my favorite blogs.  I just want to share a few of them with you,  and I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I do.
My baby girl is going to school tomorrow for the first time,  to participate in jump-start.  She is so excited,  but I am about to cry.  It makes me realize that I don't have babies no more.  They are growing up way too fast.  I need to get off of here,  and get some shut-eye before my big sad moment tomorrow.  But don't forget to come back and check out the blogs I have listed.  I think you will really enjoy them.
Goodnight and God Bless!        

Monday, July 11, 2011

Come check out my new "Selling Blog"!

Hello again to all my dear friends and followers.  Today has been such a beautiful day here in Kentucky,  and it's got me motivated to kick it into high gear with my primitives.  I am in the process of creating my new "Selling Blog".  I am so excited to show everyone what I have been working on.  I will be adding more and more items everyday,  so check back in often to see what I have to offer.  Here is the link,  or there is a link on the right hand side of my blog.  Simpler_Tymes_Kottage.
Also,  I finished getting my wooden apple box all set up in my kitchen.  I will add some pictures later on today,  to show everyone what I have done with it.  I love it!
 Okay so I gotta go get busy with my other blog,  and I will be back later to see what everyone is up to.  Have a wonderful blessed day!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

So much to do. So little time!

After what seems like forever,  I am back!  I barely got started on blogging,  when things started to get crazy around home.  Since my last post,  I have been running around like crazy from one doctor to another.  My son started getting sick and running a fever for 2 to 3 weeks at a time.  So alot of tests and a surgery later,  and we are now back to normal.  After taking every spare moment I could to catch a quick nap,  there wasn't any extra time to get back to my blogging. 
With alot to catch up on,  I decided I could start squeezing in time to catch up on all my favorite blogs.  Yesterday I found an awesome treasure to add to my collection.  After finding this,  I thought this would be a great time to share with you what I found  and to get back to blogging.  So here it is:

My mother said she believes it may be an old blacksmith or tool box.  Considering it has 2 large rope handles on each end and 3 separate compartments inside.  I don't know for sure what it may be,  but I just simply fell in love with it.  Someone has previously added the wooden apple cut-outs,  probably to use in a kitchen or something.  I will be using it as a spice cabinet in my kitchen,  as it will go perfect with all my other stuff.  I just wish I could find more of the older stuff like this,  I think it makes a home more comfy and cozy.  So I think i'll go and arrange this piece into my kitchen.  Everyone have a blessed day!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

A Rainy Day Project...Pretty-n-Prim Decorated Mason Jars

Rain,  Rain Go Away!  Your putting everyone in a bad mood today! 
It is so rainy here in our small town of Dunnville,  Kentucky today.  I got up first thing this morning preparing for a long day of basketball games with my youngest son.  What was the first thing I heard?  Raindrops pounding away at my metal rooftop.  It was at that moment that I knew this was going to be a challenging day.  Dragging 3 children,  all under the age of 11 out into the rain to go somewhere,  is not my idea of fun.  And as an added bonus,  the hubby woke up sick this morning.  And let's just say,  he is a very grumpy person when he is feeling bad.  But we will manage somehow,  and make the best of this dreary day.  And as someone once said,  "Today is a gift from God,  remember to thank him". 
I've rambled on enough about the weather and everything else.  So now it's time to brighten everyones day,  and talk about what we all love...PRIMS.  Every day I try to spend at least a little bit of my time working on something primitive,  or taking something not-so-prim and making it primitive in my own way.  The possibilities are endless when working with a great imagination and all those old unused mason jars that are sitting in the attic or the cellar,  collecting dust and what not.  So get busy gathering your jars,  and together we will transform them into something pretty-n-prim for you to display in your home.
Materials Needed:
   Glass Mason Jar(Any size will do,  as a matter of fact,  any kind of glass jar will do also)  
   Primer Paint
   Mod Podge
   Acrylic Paints (several colors of your choice,  I use Apple Barrel or Folk-Art paints from Wal-Mart).
    Homespun (to match your paint colors)
First of all,  you need to thoroughly wash the jars with hot soapy water and let them air dry.  Do not try to dry quickly with a towel,  it may leave lint or other debris on the jar.  Trust me,  I know from experience. 
Now it's time to primer your jar with the primer paint.  I use spray paint primer for my jars,  but you can also use brush on primer too.  I just made sure to be really careful when spraying the jar,  that I didn't get too close or too much at one time and cause runs or splatters in the paint.  And if you do happen to use the spray kind,  you can always keep an old rag lying nearby to quickly blotch up any runs.  Paint the entire jar from top to bottom,  you can wait for the top and sides to dry and then you can paint the very bottom base part of the jar.  If you like,  you can do a second layer of the primer.  But,  one coat will also work.  The primer process is used to help the next set of paints to adhere to the jar better.  Let dry about an hour.  Drying time will vary,  depending on the amount of paint you place on the jar.
We will be painting the jar again,  but this time paint the entire jar in the paint color of your choice.  You may have to do a couple of coats,  depending on the color of primer you used.  When you are finished with this,  you need to let it dry a couple of hours.  Once again,  drying times could vary.
Now comes the fun part,  decorating the jar to our likings.  I use a pencil to draw out the design onto my jar,  and every now and then I will use stencils.  You can do whichever you prefer.  Now you need to take the other paint color choices and paint your design onto the jar.  You can now paint the lid a color of your choice to match.  You can also cover the lid completely with homespun,  then place the lid onto the jar.  Cover the entire jar with mod podge using a small paint brush,  to help protect the paint from getting scratched off.  I'm not saying it will definitely not get scratched up,  because anything is possible.  But it will help protect it a bit.  Tie off the neck of the jar with a piece of homespun,  and ta-da.  You turned a plain old jar into something pretty-n-prim,  that you can now display in your home. 
NOTE: If your jar does not include a lid,  you can cut and cover the top of the jar with homespun and jute.  This looks really cute also.  Or you can leave the top off completely,  and place a votive cup into the opening.
Here is a picture of the jar I created.  It was an old original mason canning jar.  I use my jar to display on a shelf just as it is.  I have one of these for sell @ $5.00 plus S&H.
Thanks for stopping by today,  I hope you liked the jars.  Goodnight everyone and God Bless! 


Friday, March 4, 2011

Jumping right in...Making Chalkboards...

Let me start by telling everyone that as you can see,  this is my very first post.  I'm kinda lost on how to run this blog,  but i'm going to give it my all.  I'm sure i'll make alot of boo boo's,  but I will eventually figure it out. So for all of you whom can bear with me until I figure it out,  God bless you!
The reason for starting this blog was to share my craft and primitive project idea's with people who loves prims as much as I do.  I spend any and all of my extra time making something prim.  I make alot of items from scratch,  but I also make alot out of recycled item's as well. 
My next post i'll tell you a little more about my family and about our life around here in Kentucky.  But the first thing I wanted to do was share a craft project with everyone.
Old Scrap-Recycled Mirror Frames:
Items Needed:  Any kind of old scrap or recycled mirror frame (where the glass is missing)
                        Black Chalkboard Paint (I got mine at wal-mart made by Folk-Art)
                        Very thin piece of wood (like the kind they put in for the cabinet drawer bottoms)
Take the old mirror frame and vacuum the inside out to make sure it is free of glass.  Then measure the thin wood to the same size as the cardboard backing on the frame.  You can either leave the cardboard and insert the wood in front of it.  Or you can remove the cardboard backing completely,  and replace it with the thin wood.  Either way you prefer to do it,  will be fine.  Paint the face of the thin wood,  with the chalkboard paint.  You may prefer to do a couple of coats of the paint.  Let dry,  and your chalkboard is ready for use.  Simple and easy to do,  and makes a beautiful piece for the kitchen.  You can use any frame,  they all will look nice painted as a chalkboard.
I did not have a before and after picture.  So Here is a picture of the finished product. 

Note:  I am considering painting a design of some type right in the center of the chalkboard.  Maybe like a willow tree design,  rooster,  apple or etc.  You could make a design of whatever matches your decor.  I think this would look really nice too,  just make sure to use a paint color that isn't going to clash with the chalk color you will be using.
Well,  enough for the day.  I will be back tomorrow to post more ideas.  I hope everyone enjoyed today's blog,  and I hope everyone gets a chance to make one of these chalkboards.  I love mine!