Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Blogs that I simply love to read and follow & An awesome curtain makeover!

I know that I am getting a late start tonight on posting the blogs I promised to list.  But today has been so hectic.  I just could not stand my old living room curtains anymore!  They were palm tree themed,  and I've got the whole prim thing going on in my living room.  Actually the palm trees weren't really noticeable at all,  unless you were really doing some deep down inspection of my curtains.  And the palm trees were only patterned on the topper part of the curtains.  But since I knew they were there,  and that they didn't match my decor,  then they just had to go.  They were driving me bonkers!  So I cut the topper part (the valance),  away from the panels themselves.  Then I started sewing my own designs onto the curtain panels.  I will list a before and after picture,  to see what you all think.  Just wanted to let you in on a neat "curtain re-do",  just in case you find yourself in the same situation as me.  After I had one window set finished,  I asked myself why I hadn't thought of this before.  I love my new curtains!
Now,  as for the blogs I love to read and follow:
For the love of prims....Make prim happen....A day in the life (ice house crafts)....A fine farmhouse....A primitive gathering....A primitive place~Tammy....Country Essentials....Cricket Hollow Primitives....KKL Primitives Selling Blog....MY COLONIAL HOME....primitive pond homestead....Rusty shed prims....Wood n' Whimsy....
And a whole lot more.  Just too many to mention.  Just check out all the blogs that I follow.  Goodnight,  God Bless and Happy Blogging:)

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